Privacy Notices

The privacy of our customers is something we guard preciously – we respect an individual’s rights. Unlike other mail order companies, we do not release our customer names. We do not rent our mailing list, we do not sell our mailing list. If you want someone else to have your name and address – well, you’ll have to give it to them, because we won’t.

Do we rent mailing lists to solicit new customers? Yes, we do. Please understand that when you rent a mailing list you do not get to keep records of those names unless that individual responds to that ad or mailing. The only way we get your name into our in house database is if you respond to our ads or mailings. Once you are in our database, we do not share that information with anyone.

Now that we are online, we will e-mail you special offers, but you always have the option not to receive those e-mails.